GetSetGo is a super fun-filled multi-activity fitness program that excites and encourages little kids to be physically active. We are a bunch of passionate people who come up with crazy and imaginative activity ideas to let your kids have a blast!

We know your children love the i-pad, the television, the mobiles and the gaming console. But we firmly believe that it is equally important to run, jump, kick and throw from an early age. It just helps them enjoy playing sport as they grow up.


We hate being even mildly scientific - but we help children develop better locomotor movements and co-ordination skills which is the foundation for advanced sport specific activities at the later ages. Thats it. No more science. Just fun.....all the way!


We love to work with 3 to 9 year olds. And why do we do that? Simple! Because we are like them . . . full of fun and energy.

Age 3-6: The little champions are exposed to 24 fun activities with colourful equipment, funky music and imaginative themes.

Age 6-9: The rising stars get a chance to play multiple sport, build sport skills, basic elements of fitness with loads of fun.


GetSetGo works with schools, pre-schools, residential complexes, activity centers and clubs. All we need is about 500 sq.ft playing area, we bring in the rest. We provide a complete package – 40 plus activities, 200 plus activity plans, colourful equipment and passionate coaches.

Age 3 - 6

FUN, FUN AND MORE FUN.....running between cones, hopping like a bunny, jumping over hurdles, bouncing a basketball, kicking a football, throwing and catching colourful scarves, hitting bean bags with paddles, moving around with a parachute, going crazy with different types of balls, having fun with pool noodles, becoming monsters with spaghetti, walking through our colourful balancing beams, your child will enjoy doing all this and much more!

Age 6 - 9

Football, Basketball, Handball, Throwball, Volleyball, Athletics, Yoga, Kho-Kho, Kabbaddi, Fitness Drills, Fun Games. The session flows in an easy and age appropriate manner. Activity plans are designed to progressively challenge children once they are comfortable with the basics. Children practice different types of physical movements through a wide range of fun-filled activities that are repeated at regular intervals.

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